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We indeed hope and want to realize a mission where Baseus products can be used in every mobile terminal.

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Since the first offline store was opened in 2001 in Guangzhou, Baseus continually has been spreading all over the world and its offline stores have extended throughout many districts in Europe, Africa and Mideast.

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How to become a partner

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Domestic sales in  China            Mr Luo    18665701992

  International sales        Miss    13926557521

   Premium &Gifts Sales         Miss    18600897304

Plan A - Build Real Store

  • step 1


    step 1

    Support from Headquarter

    Our headquarter will always provide a complete designing scheme for franchisees, including designs such as store image and shop drawing.

  • step 2


    step 2

    Product support

    Our headquarter will offer the best product solution to franchisees based on local marketing research.

  • step 3


    step 3

    Marketing Strategy

    Our professional operation team will make a promotion plan and help franchisees hold store opening activities

  • step 4


    step 4

    Completed Stores

    Our headquarter will do one-to-one training for display and business-starting, assuring a smooth opening ceremony.

Plan B - Online Store

  • step 1


    step 1

    Consulting Channels

    A franchisee can discuss with the director to select an online channel and to know more about advantages and conditions as a partner.

  • step 2


    step 2

    Business Appraisal

     A professional person from headquarter will be assigned to inspect the franchisee and make business appraisal according to his conditions.

  • step 3


    step 3

    Cooperation Intentions

    After business appraisal, both parties will know more about each other. Then our headquarter will make detailed quotation for the franchisee.

  • step 4


    step 4

    Strategy Cooperation

    After negotiation, both parties will reach a strategy cooperation.

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