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Baseus is a well-known consumer electronics brand integrating research and development, design, production and sales. We are committed to providing users with products that are both practical and aesthetic.

We hope that we can accomplish the vision together -- let Baseus be with you in every mobile terminal.

Where to Buy

Since the opening of the first store in Guangzhou in 2011, the company has taken root in the world, and the offline stores have spread throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In ChinaWorldwide
  • Beijing

  • Jilin, Changchun

  • Guangdong, Shenzhen

How to become a partner

Contact Baseus

Chinese Dealer InquiriesMr Luo:roy@baseus.com18665701992
International Dealer InquiriesMiss
Chinese Gift channelMiss Yang:yangfan@baseus.com18600897304
Offline retailMiss Chen:Jamie@baseus.com15920183340
Join offlineMr Lan:lanzhengbo@baseus.com13922903214
Domestic sales in  China
Mr Luo:roy@baseus.com18665701992
International sales
Miss wang:business@baseus.com13926557521
Premium &Gifts Sales
Miss Yang:yangfan@baseus.com18600897304
Offline retail
Miss Chen:Jamie@baseus.com15920183340
Join offline
Mr Lan:lanzhengbo@baseus.com13922903214

Apply for Authorized Flagship Retail Store

  • 1st Step


    1st Step

    Design Support

    Baseus will provide a complete set of design for the franchisees, including store CAD design and construction drawings.

  • 2nd Step


    2nd Step

    Product support

    Baseus will provide the best product solutions for franchisees based on local market research.

  • 3rd Step


    3rd Step

    Marketing Strategy

    The professional operation team provides franchisees with promotional programs to guide franchisees in planning store opening activities.

  • 4th Step


    4th Step

    Store Completed

    Baseus account manager conducts one-on-one exhibition guidance and opening training for the franchisees to ensure the smooth opening of the store.

Apply for On-line Official Flagship Store

  • 1st Step


    1st Step

    Channel Consultation

    The franchisee and Baseus account manager will communicate to choose the proper online channel.Baseus will also explain the shop advantages and conditions.

  • 2nd Step


    2nd Step

    Business Evaluation

    Baseus will sent relevant personnel to inspect the franchisees and evaluate and analyze them according to the individual circumstances of the franchisees.

  • 3rd Step


    3rd Step

    Cooperation Intention

    After the evaluation, both sides will further deepen their understanding and Baseus will provide a detailed quotation plan.

  • 4th Step


    4th Step

    Strategic Cooperation

    After consultation,both sides reached strategic cooperation.

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