We focus on products creation

We are focused on design of practical esthetic, production of originally designed mobile accessories, and creation of simply fashionable style.

  • Enough quantity of users is the cornerstone for our company ’s development.

          Baseus is one of 3C digital accessories brands under Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology Co., Ltd integrating R&D, design, manufacture and sales. This brand was established in 2009 by Mr. CU

          Baseus Logo is simplified from its slogan Base on use. Every word remains its  acute angle and is glorified based on its original boldface of classical beauty,presenting our spirits To overcome difficulties  with the greatest easeand brand core values All good products should be practical.

          Base on user , as Baseus brand slogan, means users are the foundation for a companys survival and development. When  setting products demands orientation, we should stick to users perspective and focus on their experience. Then wen can design and produce both practical and good accessories for them.

  • Powerful research and development improves  our company’s core-competition.

          At the beginning of establishment, we mainly designed products such as tempered glass screen protectors and mobile phone cases.  As the market was expanding and products were iteratively updating, the original simple designs could not meet most users needs. Therefore, a timely transformation was extremely urgent.

          Then we set up a professional hardware development team, whose operation philosophy is changed to  the vertically intensified model Design leads and controls manufacture, instead of the standardized model  Concentrate on design and do outsourced manufacture. Thus we succeeded in factory controlled manufacture, independent research and development of designs, business model layout of globally diversified marketing channels.

          So far, 8 complete product lines have been fulfilled, focusing on research and development of mobile accessories of original design such as mobile phone cases, car mounts, car charger, data cables, chargers, power banks, speakers, earphones.

  • All good products designs should be up to practical application

          Practical esthetics design is Baseus brand core values. We intently prepare products of both practicability and esthetics for users. Our products are uniquely Baseus styled in possession of the latest technology, environmentally friendly materials and fashionable elements.

          Every step costs lots of time and attention , from material selection to to craft processing, or from color matching to structure determination, to create simple, purely beautiful and practical articles used in our life. Thus our users can live a better life owing to good color matching and humanized design.

  • Our Brand Terminal Stores

          Not only sales channels online are increasing, but also brand terminal offline stores are in intensive preparation. In 2011, the first Baseus brand terminal store was opened in Guangzhou .

          The whole style such as LOGO or indoor layout was simple as well as fashionable. Highly qualified products, excellent product design, satisfactory user experience promise Baseus brand terminal stores popularity among a plenty of users.

          Within one year, Baseus brand terminal stores sprung up throughout these big cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen. Under the momentum of robust growth, our products quickly spread globally, being welcomed in big stores and by a big population overseas and domestically.

  • Brand Stores Distribution

    In November of 2017, Baseus sold products in more than 180 countries and districts and had 600 stores globally, including hundreds of brand stores. In the future, the brand store quantity will continually increase and there will be more than 400 stores in 2019.

Future vision

We sincerely hope you will be attracted by its practicability, and more often will feel enjoyable in a moment.


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