We focus on products

We specialize in the practical aesthetic design of our products, focus on product development around the original mobile phone, and focus on simple and stylish style creation.

  • Users are the cornerstone of business development

           Baseus is a 3C digital accessory brand under Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.,  that integrates R&D, design, production and sales,which was founded by CEO Mr. CU in 2009.

           The logo is simplified by Baseus' slogan “Base on User”. Each thick and steady letter has an acute angle, which is beautifully embellished on the original classic black body.The logo shows the spirit “to overcome difficulties with the greatest ease”,as well as the brand core value“All the beautiful products should be practical”.

           “Base on user” as the brand slogan of Baseus, it means that users are the cornerstone to support the survival and development of a company. When doing product demand positioning, we insist on thinking from the user's point of view, pay attention to user experience, and provide the practical and beautiful products truly related to users.

  • R&D improves the core competitiveness of Baseus

     At the beginning of the establishment, the product design was mainly for the tempered film and mobile phone case. However, with the gradual expansion of the market and the iterative update of the product, the original simple design is difficult to meet the needs of users. The transformation is imminent.

            Baseus has set up a professional development team. In the business philosophy, it has changed the domestic 3C digital accessories standardization mode "only design is in house;however production is outsourcing". Baseus adopts vertical depth mode "leading design, controlling production ". Successfully,Baseus completes the layout of the business operation mode of factory self-control,independent R&D design, and global diversified marketing channels.

           At present, 8 complete product lines have been established,which focuses on R&D of phone cases, car holders, car chargers, cables, chargers, power bank, speaker, earphones...etc

  • All beautiful product designs must be practical

           Practical aesthetic design is the brand concept of Baseus. We focus on providing users with practical and aesthetic products. We integrate the latest technology, environmentally friendly materials and fashion elements into our product design,which shows a unique “Baseus” style.

           From the choice of materials to the processing of the technology, from the color matching to the determination of the structure, Baseus puts great efforts into every detail.It is just to make the real and practical items in life a simple and purely balanced form, so that the user's life can be better because of the good color matching and humanized design.

  • Brand Flagship Stores

    Brand Flagship Stores

            While continuously expanding online sales channels, offline flagship stores are also in the process of preparation. In 2011, the first Baseus Flagship store opened in Guangzhou.

            From the front store logo to the interior layout, the overall style is simple and stylish. The high quality products, excellent product design and good experience makes Baseus popular among users.

            In the past year, the flagship store has spread all over Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The booming momentum has enabled the company to quickly spread its products to domestic and foreign markets.Baseus has become the favourites of many users and is well welcome by major stores at home and abroad.

  • Baseus Flagship Stores in The World

     In November 2017, Baseus has covered more than 180 countries and regions around the world through 600 global physical stores, and the number of global flagship stores has reached more than 100 stores. In the future, the number will continue to expand, by 2019, it is expected to reach more than 400 stores.

The Vision of Baseus

Every time when you receive one Baseus product, we hope that you will not only be excited by its practicality, but also because it will always bring you beautiful enjoyment in a certain moment.


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