Warranty Information

The service contents are as follows.

During the validity warranty period, it can enjoy free return, exchange, and repair services in accordance with the regulations. Exchange, return and repair should be handled with the invoice/purchase order.

Products purchased by customers can enjoy warranty services according to the following after-sales service commitment event table:

Product Type

Service Policy

Service Method

Electric Floor Cleaner

Warranty for product quality reasons within 2 years from the date of purchase, with the replacement for the first year (priority for replacement of spare parts involves maintenance and replacement for replacement), and maintenance for the second year


Bluetooth Products&Audio&Power Bank&Charging&Data Cable&Vehicle Mount&Gimbal&Small Appliances&Cleaning&Pet Smart

Reasons for product quality within 12 months from the date of purchase


Phone Cases and Glass Film Products

Reasons for product quality within 3 months from the date of purchase



No Warranty


Energy Stations

The product quality is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase, and the appearance damage after use is not covered by the warranty.



Issue non covered by the warranty

  1. Products proved not to be ours;
  2. Unauthorized repair, improper use, damage, negligence, abuse, accident, modification, incorrect use of accessories not meant for the product, tearing, doctored labels and anti-counterfeiting marks;
  3. Warranty has expired;
  4. Force majeure damage;
  5. Improper storage, exposure to excessive humidity and temperature for extended time resulting into performance damage;
  6. Damage non related to performance;
  7. Improper use resulting into damage of the product or its accessories.

How to apply for maintenance/after-sales service during the warranty period

①Online purchase: After-sales service will give priority to channel platform customer service, there will be Baseus after-sales technical staff to support all questions, and customer service staff will reply processing plans. Products purchased on each platform are given priority to meet the platform’s after-sales service policy, and the platform has centralized returned customer-returned products to check with channel operations every month whether the customer-returned products are scrapped locally or returned for the account.

②Offline purchase: It can find a store/dealer or an agent for processing. Stores, distributors, or agents: It can apply for centralized customers’ returns and after-sales processing with the Baseus sales team every month.

③If it buys products overseas or buy products in China and use them overseas, it can still call the after-sales service hotline in China at 400-0712-711, and there will be after-sales customer service personnel to handle it.

Non-warranty service charges

①Service mode: Centralized repairment of large parts by headquarters. Centralized return and replacement of small parts by headquarters.

②Charge standard: Out of Warranty Fee = Postage Fee + Hourly Costs + Accessories fee

③Out-of-warranty repairs can support online transactions: WeChat/Alipay/PayPal

④Baseus will make a repair quotation to the consumer according to the specific situation of the product sent by the consumer for repair. After the consumer confirms the fault repair quotation and pays the corresponding maintenance fee, Baseus will repair the consumer's faulty product as soon as possible and return it within the repair completion period. After-sales service is recorded in the after-sales service work order system.

Other instructions

✸①Baseus products presented in business activities do not enjoy the three-guarantee return policy but can enjoy the replacement and warranty policy for the abnormality of the corresponding product.

✸②For non-Baseus brand products presented by official business activities, the corresponding brand after-sales will follow up its service policy and provide three-guarantee services. For non-Baseus brand products presented by terminal offline stores, offline stores will coordinate with users to provide replacement or maintenance Serve.

✸③ The relevant service policies that the company needs to sign with the platform on different platforms are still valid during the agreement period.

✸④For products with high sales, average or medium value, the after-sales service shall be handled according to the after-sales service method of the e-commerce platform, the offline agent processing plant, and the hotline service method. For products with a high item value, a unified after-sales service is required. The service registration method and the after-sales service method of limited-time service are used to ensure that consumers can be solved the first time and to ensure product traceability and customer satisfaction.

✸⑤If the customer loses the invoice or related warranty certificate, the calculation will start three months after the SN of the product or the display date marked with the production date.

✸⑥If the consumer replaces the goods with the invoice (or copy) and the certificate of the three guarantees within the validity period of the three guarantees, the warranty period will be calculated from the date of exchange.

✸⑦ For details, please refer to the after-sales service content in each product package.

✸⑧The e-commerce customer service team and overseas distributors or agents can work according to the "Baseus Returned Products Warranty Standard and Out-of-Warranty Judgment Standard" for products.



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