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Expand your power possibilities with our Power Strips!

Power Strips

Expand your power possibilities with our Power Strips!



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 PowerCombo Tower Series Power Strip 35 W with a digital LED display PowerCombo Tower Series Power Strip 35 W with a digital LED display
Baseus PowerCombo Pro 7 Ports Power Strip 65WBaseus PowerCombo Pro 7 Ports Power Strip 65W
Baseus PowerCombo Pro 6 Ports Power Strip 40w
Sale price$49.99 USD

2 colors available

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Baseus GaN3 Pro 6 Ports Power Strip 65W
Sale priceFrom $49.99 USD

2 colors available

Baseus PowerCombo Pro 7 Ports PowerStrip 100W_sideBaseus PowerCombo Pro 7 Ports PowerStrip 100W_side
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Baseus PowerCombo 6 in 1 Charging Station 65WBaseus PowerCombo 6 in 1 Charging Station 65W AC Port
Baseus PowerCombo 6 in 1 Charging Station 65W
Sale price$79.99 USD

1 color available

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Baseus PowerCombo Lite 6 Ports Power Strip 20WBaseus PowerCombo Lite 6 Ports Power Strip 20W
Baseus PowerCombo Lite 6 Ports Power Strip 20W
Sale price$19.99 USD

2 colors available

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Baseus PowerCombo 6 in 1 Charging Station 65W WhiteBaseus PowerCombo 6 in 1 Charging Station 65W White
Baseus PowerCombo 6 in 1 Charging Station 65W White
Sale price$89.99 USD

1 color available

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Baseus GaN3 Pro 4 Ports Desktop Charger 65W
Sale priceFrom $49.99 USD

2 colors available

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What is a Power Strip?

A power strip is an electrical device with multiple electrical sockets. Its primary purpose is to provide additional outlets and power for smart devices and appliances.

The key benefits of using a power strips are: 

1. It increases power outlets

Power strips increase power outlets. For example, the Baseus power strip has at least four sockets to plug your electrical devices. 

2. It organizes cords

A power strip like the Baseus PowerCombo 6-in-1 minimizes tangled wires and clutter.  It gives your desktop and entertainment centers an organized and clean look. 

3. It has surge protection

Power strips like the Baseus PowerCombo Tower, 10-in-1, have power surge protection. It can absorb sudden electrical surges from lightning and power grid issues up to 1200J.

4. It provides convenience

Most power strips today like the Baseus PowerCombo Lite 6 Ports Power Strip 20W have a smart button that you can easily switch on and off. This allows you to turn on or shut off the connected devices simultaneously.

5. It is space-saving.

Power strips come in various designs. 

Some power strips are big and bulky for heavy use. Some have compact sizes, like the portable Baseus PowerCombo Pro 7 Ports Power Strip, which fits in tight spaces well.

With its size, you can easily set it up behind furniture and nightstands, allowing you to save space.

A smart power strip has a unique feature that can immediately cut off the devices' power to save energy. 

Intelligent power strips also allow you to take control of the outlets. It can also monitor power usage to help you identify which devices are power-hungry. With these, you can decide which to use, turn off, or replace.

Additionally, smart power strips are mostly widely compatible with any devices such as the Baseus PowerCombo Pro 7 Ports Power Strip 100W. This 7 in 1 charging station has 3 AC outlets and 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports to power up all your devices.

Intelligent power strips have several benefits, including their fire-hazard safety features. These features allow the power strip to shut down automatically when overloaded. 

Take for instance the Baseus Power Combo Pro 6 Ports Power Strip 40W. It has an advanced 7-point safety protection that makes the power strip resistant to fire.

Some power strips may have the same available outlets. But they may have different voltages and wattages. When choosing the right power strip, you must consider its features, ports, and rating.

Electrical Rating

The electrical rating of a power strip indicates its maximum power handling capacity. For example, the 65-watt Baseus PowerCombo 6-in-1  power strip can safely handle devices that collectively consume up to 65 watts of power.

Surge Protection

With the latest technology today, power strips must have built-in safety features. Look for power strips with overheating and surge protection. These power strips can protect your devices from damaging voltage spikes. 

A good example are the Baseus power strips that use BDIP technology. This technology allows you to monitor the status of the power strip all day long. The technology then shuts down the power strip in 0.1 seconds once it detects danger. 

Size and Number of Ports

The power strip's size and number of ports also matter. 

If you have multiple devices at home, you must ensure that there are two more outlets than what you need.

Baseus offers a diverse collection of featured-pack power strips tailored to your needs - from four (4) to ten (10) ports; We have you covered!


Warranty is an essential factor to consider. Only buy power strips with a product warranty. 

Baseus offers 18-24 months hassle-free warranty to give you peace of mind against manufacturing defects.

All you need to know about Power Strips

People sometimes use the terms "power strip" and "surge protector" interchangeably. 

Remember that the power strip offers additional outlets. Its primary purpose is to increase the number of portable outlets in your house. 

Meanwhile, the surge protector safeguards your devices from damaging voltage spikes. This means the devices are protected from lightning and power outages that cause surges. 

Yes, you need a power strip with USB charging ports for several reasons. 

First, a power strip with USB ports like the Baseus GaN3 Pro 4 Ports Desktop Charger 65W is convenient if you have multiple smart devices that use USB-type chargers. 

Second, if these devices need a fast charger, you'll want to look for a power strip with USB ports with quick charging capabilities such as our Baseus power strips. With its GaN3 Pro technology, you can fully charge your MacBook in 2 hours.

Third, you need a power strip with USB charging ports if your house and office have limited wall outlets.

Owning a power strip will answer these problems. They can help you conveniently plug in and charge USB-powered devices. You do not need to unplug devices connected to the wall outlet to charge them. 

There are critical safety features you should look for in a power strip, such as:

1. Surge Protection.

The surge protectors prevent damaging voltage spikes. 

2. Overload Protection.

The overload surge protection automatically detects and turns off the power strip when overloaded.

3. Fire-resistant Feature.

The power strip’s fire-resistance rating can help prevent fire hazards.

4. Grounded Surge Protector Power Strip.

The grounded surge protector power strip reduces shock risk during faults.

5. Indicator Light.

Indicator lights are additional features.  Why is it essential to check indicator lights? 

The light indicates the power strip is about to reach its wattage limit.

Yes, if you have children. Childproof your power strip. 

This prevents curious toddlers and children from inserting metal items into the outlets.

A childproof power strip offers extra protection for children. It reduces the risk of electric accidents, giving parents valuable peace of mind.

ETL stands for Intertek, a US-based Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). The label signifies that Intertek has undergone a series of safety tests on the product. 

These safety tests cover the significant concern for power strips. They address electrical safety, material quality, and construction practices.

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is a US-based government agency. They regulate electronic communication devices and control radio frequency interference.

An FCC-sealed power strip means it has been tested and complies with the FCC regulations. 

It indicates that the power strip does not emit excessive electromagnetic interference (EMI).

It is within the limit. It does not disrupt other electronic devices' signals or cause them to malfunction. 

It depends. Most standard power strips do not have safety protection. This makes them prone to fire hazards. 

Only look and invest in fire-resistant or flame-retardant power strips. Their unique materials can slow down the spread of the fire, giving you more time to put it out.

As an additional safety precautionary measure, look for ETL and FCC Certifications. These are usually printed on the power strip's label or fine print.

A travel power strip is a portable power strip that you can easily carry anywhere. 

One of the benefits of using a travel power strip is its compact design. It allows you to put it in your carry-on bag without taking up much space. 

A heavy-duty power strip is a power strip built for more power. These power strips have bigger wires and more durable materials than regular ones. 

They are also called power strips for appliances and require heavy-duty power strip surge protectors for safety purposes. 

Yes. In most cases, your computer needs protection from power surges. 

Surge protector power strips increase your electronic devices' electrical safety. It prevents power voltage spikes, power fluctuations, and data loss.

It would help to look at several factors when considering the number of outlets in a fire-resistant power strip. 

First, consider the number of devices you need to connect to the power strip. 

How many TV sets, HD receivers, surround sound systems, and gaming consoles do you need to connect to it?

Second, you also need to consider the power consumption of these devices. By considering this, you can avoid overloading the fire-resistant power strip. 

Third, for flexibility, consider having extra outlets for future use. 

For example, buy a power strip with 6-8 outlets if you have only three devices. For setups with at least six devices, get one with at least ten outlets.

Only choose a strip with enough voltage capacity to avoid overloading. 

Remember the power surge, too. Remember, safety comes first!

Baseus power strips such as the Baseus PowerCombo 100w, are technologically advanced power strips. They have passed both the ETL and FCC certifications. They also have at least 7-point safety protection which makes them safe to use.

Additionally, these power strips are equipped with GaN technology that allows you to connect and quickly charge your devices safely. This cuts the need for many extension cords.

The Baseus power strips are feature-packed. They have innovative features such as:

Integrated USB Ports

The Baseus power strips have USB charging ports for devices with USB-type chargers. This feature eliminates the use of multiple power adaptors.

Fast Charging Feature

Most Baseus power strips boast fast charging capabilities. It indicates that the power strip can support smart devices with quick-charge technologies. 

Safety Features 

Baseus power strips have surge protection, overload protection, and fire protection.

Sleek Design

Baseus power strips are known for their elegant, clean, and polished look. They can perfectly blend with minimalistic, modern, and stylish home designs. 

Baseus prides itself on providing safe and high-quality products. 

Its power strips can hold multiple devices at once without the risk of overloading, voltage spikes, and fire hazards.