Earning up to 8% Commission

How to Get More Profit?

1. Visit baseus.com to apply for the Affiliate Program


2. Share an affiliate link

3. Attract customers to click the link and successfully purchase

4. Wait for the order to be confirmed

5. Enjoy your commission

Common Questions and Answers

With an Affiliate Program, you promote Baseus products and share the links on your website. If the product is purchased using these links, we pay you a commission based on the product’s official price.

Whether you are a large network, content service website, social media influencer, or blogger, we generate a unique personalized approach. We provide you with easy-to-use linking tools to address your advertising needs and assist you with converting them into high ROI.

As an Affiliate, you earn money while driving traffic to your website. It is a convenient, flexible, and extra beneficial way to gain profit, as you do not need to deal with customers directly. We cover all customer-related issues and support.

For more information or any question about our Affiliate Program, please feel free to contact affiliate@baseus.com.