Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W
Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W

Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W

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● 100W USB-C Charging
● Fast Charging 3 devices at the same time
● Advanced GaN+SiC Tech
● Ultra-Compact and High Efficiency
● Lighter and Smaller, As Small As a Card
● Universal Compatibility

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GaN Pro Quick Charger 120W Multi-port Simultaneous Fast Charge 2 GaN+SiC 1 2C1U | 90° foldable plug head 2 laptops charge at the same time


2 Laptops Share 1 Charger "100W single port," powerful and rare


Charging Three Devices At the Same Time Laptop/ Tablet / Phone fast charging together

120W High Power

Increases charging transformation rate, decrease waste, can quickly charge notebook.

GaN+SiC Tech

GaN+SiC quick charge new technology increases power, decreases space, charging speed doubles.

Full Quick Charge Protocol

Support full quick charge protocols including PD3.0, QC4+, QC3.0. SCP, FCP, AFC, etc.

Three-port Output

Outputs from three ports: two Type-C ports and one USB charging three devices simultaneously.

90° Foldable Plug Head

Convenient storage, no need to worry about scratching device.

GaN+Sic 120W Hard Core


Lighter and Smaller, As Small As a Card Shorter, more narrow and higher than a 100W charger, more convenient to carry.


Baseue Power Split II Charging Technology

Compatible with PD3.0, QC4+, QC3.0, SCP, FCP, AFC, MTK etc. Iphone 11, Iphone 14, Laptops, MackBoos


60% Battery in 30 Minutes Supports Samsung 45W quick charge.


Baseus Cooling Technology-BCT

Electric Load Automatically Cuts off Electricity


90° Foldable Plug Convenient for hand carrying and storage, so it doesn't create an extra burden traveling.


The Standard 100W Fast Charging Cable for Everything With 100W 5A fast charging cable for faster charging.

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