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10 Essential Beach Gadgets in 2023 for Your Beach Trip

Whether your idea is adventuring underwater or taking endless selfies, here some are essential beach gadgets in 2023.
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The summer is finally with us. I'm sure most of you are ecstatic about going to the beach as I am. When visiting your ideal beach, it doesn't have to be all about towels and sunscreen. There are many necessities you can bring while basking on the beautiful sands. So, what are the essential gadgets for your next beach trip?

The best beach gadgets in 2023 should make your life in the sand more enjoyable. They will go a long way to ensure you are feeling comfortable and having fun.

Before you take an amazing excursion to the shore, you should be practical about what you want. Do you want to get more out of the experience? Are there some cool accessories you can't live without?

Whether your idea is adventuring underwater or taking endless selfies, here some are essential beach gadgets in 2023.

Essential Beach Gadgets in 2023 + Accessories     

1. Power bank

The last thing you want is to get to the beach only to realize your phone's battery is dead. Besides, reading eBooks and taking photos can quickly drain your phone. A power bank ensures your phone never runs out of power when you need it. You should find one that comes in a compact size without sacrificing power.

power bank

With Baseus power banks, you can charge your phones, tablet, and laptop to full power before recharging. And because these gadgets utilize quick charge technologies, you can charge several devices simultaneously.

Another unique feature is the large LED digital screen. You can see everything you need like the voltage, current, and battery status. These power banks are compact, so you don't need to bog down your pockets. You'll be thrilled by how well they perform.

2. USB Cable

If you have a device with a USB port, such as an android phone, camera, MacBook, laptop, or Ipad, you need a cable to transfer data to and from other devices.

A USB cable should be compact and portable to travel with at the beach. Three feet is enough to keep your phone in hand as it charges.

3. Waterproof camera

If you want to capture those precious moments at the beach, you're going to need a fancy waterproof camera. You want a device that can take photos while snorkeling, swimming, or diving without breaking a sweat.

A quality camera can also take videos from deep depths. Before you make your investment decision, you should consider the waterproof rating, video resolution, lens compatibility, and wireless capability. The camera should also withstand extreme conditions.

4. Drone camera

There's no better way to capture the magic of the sunset than with a drone. Today, you can invest in a mini drone and still take incredible images. After all, a drone can take aerial photos while swimming and surfing.

With a drone camera, water is your open easel. The vast water surface can create mesmerizing reflections. To make the most of this effect, you must ensure the sun is at the center of the image.

You can now take your selfies game to the next level. Remember to fly with caution and respect other beachgoers.

5. Bluetooth Speaker

A beach vacation is more fun with a soundtrack - but there's a lot of water to consider. With a Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to your favorite songs while you relax. Every time you want to get into the water, you just switch the speaker to play mode. While you probably have no intention of dropping the speaker in the water, accidents can happen. To protect it from sudden soakings, it should have an IPX7 rating or higher.

6. Waterproof phone case

For a fun day at the beach, you want to keep your phone 100% waterproof.

waterproof phone case

A waterproof case is a must-have beach gadget for folks who don't want to leave their phones behind. It should have a sleek design like a screen protector. In addition, the case should be scratch-proof while giving you full access to the buttons and controls. If you're adventurously spirited, the case should allow you to use the phone underwater.

7. UV Monitor

If you plan to spend the entire day sizzling in the sun, a UV monitor will tell you when to protect yourself. This device features an easy-to-read display and digital temperature readouts. Also, you can examine whether you're fully protected from the sun's radiation. Of course, you get a timer to ensure you don't speed too much time in the sunlight.

8. Wireless Earphones

Picture this-you're relaxing at the beach listening to your favorite tune. Then, the earphones are soaked in water, and your relaxation is down the drain. This can be frustrating, isn't it? When you visit the beach, a good pair of wireless earphones can be the game-changer.

wireless earphones

Baseus wireless earphones feature uniquely designed ear tips, flash charging technology, and IPX4 waterproof rating. You can use them for surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and paddleboarding at the beach.

9. Beach Lock

Are you worried about where to put your essentials while swimming? A beach lock is a must-have item if you're headed to swim or sunbathe by yourself. You can use it to keep important items like keys, phones, wallets, etc. The locks come at a reasonable price and can be a practical gift for your loved ones.

10. Phone Signal Amplifier

If you visit a beach with a weak signal, the phone signal amplifier will expand the coverage of communication. These devices use larger antennas and closely examined frequencies. You can make calls and keep up with what is happening in the social media world.


You've taken the first step of planning for the perfect beach vacation. Maybe you're counting the days to get your toes in the sand. For some folks, it's hard to stop daydreaming of those long days at their favorite beach. After all, you deserve some time off after the year we've all had.

But not so fast. The best way to make the most from the beach is to come prepared with the right necessities. You need essential beach gadgets and accessories to make your life in the sand a little more enjoyable. The above items will make your day relaxed, just like any vacation should be. For more than a decade, Baseus has been creating minimalist products led by innovation and creativity.


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