Best Car Gadgets of 2024

The 13 Best Car Gadgets of 2024

Let this article serve as your comprehensive guide. Today, we'll discuss 13 must-have car accessories. From dash cams to portable vacuum cleaners, these items can change your driving experience forever.

Back in 1924, the addition of radio to the automobile was revolutionary. These days, those revolutions are happening every year. Mass-produced, affordable smart gadgets can now transform a "dumb" car into a futuristic vehicle in seconds.

Choices are endless for ways to spice up your vehicle, though. So much in fact that you may begin to suffer from the paradox of choice; too many options cause you to choose nothing at all. Where do you even begin when selecting the best car gadgets?

Let this article serve as your comprehensive guide. Today, we'll discuss 13 must-have car accessories. From dash cams to portable vacuum cleaners, these items can change your driving experience forever.

Smart Cars vs. the Best Car Gadgets

There's likely one question on your mind: why not just purchase an electric smart car? Many of them come chock-full of advanced smart features.

Tesla, Honda, and Kia all have impressive offerings. Their baked-in features negate any need for slapping on a dash cam or phone charger. Regardless, here are a few reasons why we recommend sticking with cool car accessories.

Electric Smart Cars Are a Huge Investment

Cars have never been something you could buy on a whim. Most people need a down payment and financing options.

The situation has gotten more dire in recent years. During the pandemic, some used vehicles cost more than new ones. Supply shortages have led to long delays and higher prices.

Plus, the electric car market is in its infancy. Charging dead zones riddle the US, making cross-country trips risky. Lithium-ion batteries have short lifespans, necessitating costly replacements.

All in all, electric cars are a hefty investment on any budget. It's best to stick with your current vehicle and spruce it up instead.

The Best Car Gadgets Offer Superior Customization

When it comes to buying a vehicle, what you see is what you get. Most manufacturers only offer a handful of model variations. If you don't like them--or can't afford the ones you want--tough luck!

Many vehicle owners discover that they lack one tiny--yet necessary--component. They spend so much money and yet lack that one little necessary feature.

There are all types of gadgets to scratch virtually any itch.

You Can Make Easy Vehicle Upgrades

Vehicular modifications usually entail a beefy addition to your budget. Just ask anyone who spends most of their time in the garage. Enthusiasts can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Notably, these modifications are not easy to install. They require a professional, one who charges a premium. Considering the reputation of most auto shop mechanics, that's not an encouraging prospect.

With cool accessories for a car, you can make significant changes easily. The vast majority require nothing but your own two hands and maybe a tool. The functionality some of these popular car gadgets add can easily rival costly upgrades.

With all that said, let's dive into the gadgets you need.

1. Dash Cam

The internet is replete with dash cam videos of road rage, lunatic drivers, and jaw-dropping crashes. Dash cams are everywhere, reminding us of how dangerous the roads can be.

A dash cam isn't just a nice little gadget to have. Many would say it's already essential for any vehicle. There are a number of good reasons why.

Evidence of Crashes

Whether you got into a fender bender or a pile-up, prosecution is tricky. Without video evidence, it comes down to he-said she-said. Unless, of course, you have a dash cam as a witness.

Dash cams often provide irrefutable evidence of vehicular collisions. In most cases, they are able to clearly establish the responsible party. There's no way for a witness to lie when video contradicts them.

It's not just for the police; it's for insurance companies, too. They may provide no coverage without proof. Dash cams ensure they can't deny your claims.

Vehicle Security

If you park your car in the driveway or the street, you're taking a risk. You never know what psychos are getting uncomfortably close to your vehicle. If they decide to sabotage your property, you might never find the culprit.

Anything could happen. A vengeful neighbor could key your vehicle. A coworker could bump their car into you while parking.

Dash cams capture it at all. They give you the evidence to carry on as you please.

Crime Deterrent

Criminals are quite selective about which vehicles they target for a break-in. Certain features tend to dissuade them. Things like window tint or steering wheel locks increase the risk vs. reward of the crime. Dash cams also happen to be one of these things.

These days, dash cams are motion-activated, and Wi-Fi enabled. When criminals see one, they know there's a chance they might be being watched from afar. It's likely they will move on to a different target that doesn't have this nifty bit of surveillance.

2. Phone Charger

Your phone is the copilot of your vehicle. It provides navigation, entertainment, and communication all in one. That leaves you in a really sticky situation if your phone goes dead while out on the road.

A phone charger, at this point, is just as essential as a dash cam. It's a great chance to top up your devices during your commute or on a trip in the outdoors. The problem is many chargers charge your phone at criminally slow speeds.

Plus, cheap chargers stick with the dated USB-A standard. It's a shame since most phones these days come with a USB-C to USB-C cable. That's to speak, nothing of quality issues, either.

high-quality car charger

Invest in a high-quality charger with these features:

  • Fast charging
  • High output (30-160W)
  • Multiple charging ports
  • Both USB-C and USB-A options
  • Overvolting safety features

Last of all, make sure you have a cigarette lighter!

3. Phone Holder

Driving with your phone can potentially be very, very dangerous. Texting while driving makes you more prone to an accident than if you were drunk. It results in at least 1.6 million accidents every year.

It's not just the distraction that presents an issue. It's the fact that you need both hands while driving. One hand on the wheel and one on your phone is a life-threatening combination.

So, get yourself a phone holder with charging function. It keeps your phone within view and your hands on the wheel. The magnet gives you the easiest attachment. So you can stick your phone on or off in the most convenient way. You can keep track of directions and import notifications without becoming a statistic.

best car phone holder

Features we recommend for a phone holder:

  • Strong magnet attachment
  • Easy and secure placement arm
  • 360° rotation
  • Elegant design

Ensure the stand you buy is compatible with your phone.

4. Portable Car Vacuum

Long commutes leave you stuck in traffic, with nothing to do but listen to podcasts. Imagine now you have a vacuum to spot-clean your car to kill time.

best portable car vacuum cleaner

A portable car vacuum cleaner fits in a cup holder without sacrificing suction power. It's an excellent choice for clearing up the occasional stale french fry or lint. If your regularly scheduled auto wash is a way off, this helps tidy things up in the meantime.

5. Bluetooth Transmitter

Even in 2024, we are in the awkward stage between dumb and smart vehicle entertainment systems. Most cars on the road only have a basic radio and CD player. It's not yet common for a vehicle to have a Bluetooth-enabled, plug-and-play music system.

If you are one of the unlucky ones, then a Bluetooth transmitter will do nicely. It plugs into the cigarette lighter same as a phone charger.

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Then, it transmits your music over radio airwaves. You simply tune your radio to the correct frequency and enjoy your music with ease.

6. GPS Tracker

If your car gets stolen, options are limited for getting it back. The best police can do is log your license plate and stay on the lookout. Looking at the statistics, there's only a 60% chance that they'll find it.

Don't trust the police or a prayer. Instead, get yourself a GPS tracker. No matter where your car is on the globe, you can pinpoint it with ease.

All you have to do is hide it somewhere where a thief won't discover it. Pair it with the included app to track your vehicle down if it gets stolen. Or if you can't find it in a big parking lot.

7. Bluetooth Speaker Setup

Chances are, the speaker system in your car is an afterthought. The sound quality is nothing to write home about, and it has no smart features to speak of.

You can remedy this easily with an add-on Bluetooth speaker setup. These come in many shapes and sizes. There are clip-ons for your sun visor or near-field mounts that go on the dash.

These won't be the pinnacle of audiophile sonic performance, but they'll certainly beat your beater's rattling subwoofers. They come by default with support for popular AI assistants like Google and Siri, too.

As a nice bonus, they are battery-operated. You can pop them out and play your tunes wherever your travels take you.

8. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Smart tools don't just have to be fancy speakers or trackers. They can also monitor your vehicle's health.

A tire monitoring system uses wireless tire caps to track pressure levels. If your vehicle has been feeling uneven, you'll know exactly why. Know before you go out on a long haul trip if they require a top-up.

9. Portable Tire Inflator

Speaking of topping up, why not bring something to inflate your tires, too? Sure, you've probably got one in the hatch. But it's pump-operated and not exactly convenient.

Grab a portable air compressor to do the job. It fits in your hand and can add a couple of extra PSI to a slumping tire in seconds.

In more dire situations, some models can fill an entire tire on a single charge. It's a great emergency tool, and dead simple to use.

10. Portable Jump Starter

Even worse than a flat is a dead battery. On Route 66, you might not have a friend's car to jump your own. On a backwoods road far from civilization, a portable jump starter could literally save your life.

They fit into a small package and have everything you need. Their safety features keep you from accidentally jumpstarting yourself. Just make sure you connect the right wires, and it will do the work for you.

Plus, many are rugged and waterproof for more extreme conditions. Until you get that Tesla, you'll want one of these in the trunk.

11. Smart Breathalyzer

At first glance, it may seem silly. Breathalyzers are for police. The sight of one after a drunken joyride is the omen of a future prison cell.

Many people fail to realize that a breathalyzer is a helpful tool to stay out of trouble. After a wild shindig, having one in your car might be a good idea. One puff, and you know if it's safe to drive.

It also helps to avoid unintentional run-ins with the law. The designated driver may have had a drink, enough to put them over the legal limit. A simple double-check could save you from life-changing legal consequences.

12. Portable Coffee Maker

It happens to the best of us: the alarm doesn't go off, and then we're rushing out the door. In the process, we realize we've missed the most important part of the day: a cup of Joe.

It may seem a bit silly, but portable coffee makers are a thing. They allow you to brew a decent espresso from your cup holder, anywhere. As long as it's got some water and a Keurig capsule, you're ready to go.

13. Back-up Camera

Once you use a back-up camera, it's hard to live without. They give you a wide-angle view of the parking space behind you and collision detection alerts. The result is a perfect parking job every time.

You'd be surprised how good the options on the market are. They come with durable, waterproof, easy-to-mount cameras. The screen often includes smart features, such as parking guidelines.

Find More at Baseus

The best car gadgets can turn even the oldest clunker into a modern smart vehicle. Just one or two of these car gadgets can drastically improve your driving experience. They all take minutes to install and expand your car's capabilities.

Baseus is an industry leader in electronic devices across all categories. Head here for more car must-haves.


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