Baseus Earbuds: Tips for Choosing Your Best Option

Baseus Earbuds: Tips for Choosing Your Best Option

We know how overwhelming it can be to choose new headphones. For that reason, we're going to explain some of the features of our impressive line of wireless earbuds and headphones. After that, we'll give you some tips on how to choose the right headphones for your needs.

If you're looking for new headphones, we're confident you can find the perfect Baseus pair to suit your needs.

For over a decade now, Baseus has been producing some of the highest-quality mobile products on the market. Our ethos has always been to serve our customers' greatest needs, which is why we're always putting everything we have into developing new and forward-thinking electronics for everyday use.

When it comes to our line of headphones, there's no shortage of options to choose between. From our popular WM02 wireless earbuds to the H1 over-ear noise-canceling headphones, there is truly an option for every application.

We know how overwhelming it can be to choose new headphones. For that reason, we're going to explain some of the features of our impressive line of wireless earbuds and headphones. After that, we'll give you some tips on how to choose the right headphones for your needs.

Buying new headphones should be fun. Keep reading and we'll make sure you have all of the information you need to make this big decision.

Baseus Audio Products Earbuds

Many people choose to wear wireless earbuds over headphones because they're more discreet. Our award-winning earbuds give you something you can use anywhere without sacrificing any sound quality. Here are the models you can choose from:

Baseus Bowie WM02 Plus TWS Wireless Earbuds

WM02 Plus TWS Wireless Earbuds

The Baseus WM02 Plus is one of our most popular products. At the mind-blowingly low price of $39.99, you get magnificent sound quality and up to 50 hours of battery life.

Unlike other earbuds at this price point, you get a digital display telling you how much battery is left and essentially no latency whatsoever. Using the Baseus app, you can customize the buttons and preferences to give you complete control over song selection, call answering, and voice assistance.

Baseus Bowie M2 Plus TWS Wireless Earbuds

M2 Plus TWS Wireless Earbuds

Unlike the Bowie WM02 Plus, the M2 is geared toward gaming, with its ANC immersive listening technology that blocks outside noise. This, as well as its smooth and stable connection and seamless device switching, makes the M2s the perfect earbuds for making work calls or conducting video conferences.

The M2 Plus gives you 30 hours of battery life and the battery takes just an hour to obtain a full charge. For just $49.99, you can have a serious set of wireless earbuds that are just as suited for playing mobile games on the subway to work as they are for work use.

Baseus SIMU S1 Pro ANC TWS Wireless Earbuds

SIMU S1 Pro ANC TWS Wireless Earbuds

If you want a step up in sound quality and functionality, the Basus SIMU S1 Pro ANC TWS wireless earbuds are for you. With a 10mm dynamic driver, you'll get richer tones, clearer vocals, deeper bass, and an overall better hi-fi sound.

The ANC immersive technology is alive and well in the SIMU S1 Pro earbuds, eliminating ambient noise up to -32 dB. These buds fit ergonomically in the ear for superior comfort when you need to have them in for longer listening sessions.

Baseus Bowie M2 ANC TWS Bluetooth 5.2 Earphones

With the Bowie TWS M2 ANC Bluetooth 5.2 Earphones, you'll get even more effective noise canceling (-42 dB). Choose between 3 customizable noise-canceling modes (indoor, commuter, outdoor) in the Baseus app. In addition, you get 4-Mic ENC Call Noise Cancellation that intelligently separates ambient noise from human sounds.

5.2 Bluetooth gives you very low latency, making it a seamless audio experience. Charge the earphones up in as little as 10 minutes, which then gives you up to 30 hours of listening time with the charging case.

These Bowie earbuds also allow you to simultaneously connect 2 devices at once. You can seamlessly switch between devices, preventing any missed calls. Connectivity is simple and the touch controls are easy to use, so for around $100, you're unlikely to find a higher-quality set of earphones.

Baseus Bowie WM02 TWS Earphones

For something a bit simpler and more affordable, we have the original Baseus Bowie WM02 TWS Earphones. This model comes with a compact case that charges the earphones, giving you around 25 hours of total playtime.

Bluetooth 5.3 technology provides minimal delay and better battery life, not to mention fantastic audio quality for the low price point. They've got a lightweight, ergonomic design and come with 3 sets of silicon ear tips for maximum comfort.

If you want to bring the good vibes with you wherever you go, the WM02s are the perfect low-cost option.

Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphones WM01

Some headphone users just need something simple to get from one place to the next. The Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphones WM01 are a no-frills option that gives the casual user everything they could possibly want.

These are light and comfortable earphones that give you 5 hours of non-stop listening. Simple controls allow you to control the volume, song selection, and voice assistant on your phone. Automatic Bluetooth connection means you just have to pair the device once and it'll automatically connect each subsequent time.

The best part of these little earphones is the price. At just $24.95, you won't find better earphones for cheaper.

Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphones WM01 Plus

With the Plus version of the Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphones, you get more color options (black, white, and pink) and extended listening time (50 hours with the charging case). You'll also get the battery display featured on the other higher-end models, such as the WM02.

Call noise reduction and lossless sound quality means you can have a seamless audio experience, whether you're making a call or listening to your favorite podcast. They look great and provide you with the comfort you need for all-day use.

Baseus Audio Products Headphones

If you'd rather use over or on-ear headphones, Baseus has you covered. Here are our 4 outstanding options:

Baseus Bowie D03 Wireless Headphones

There are many reasons to love the Baseus Bowie D03 Wireless Headphones. At the top of the list are the long-lasting battery, which gives you up to 30 hours of listening. The fantastic sound quality and comfortable design don't hurt either, especially at this low price point.

Although noise canceling isn't available with these headphones, you do get sound isolation, which ensures you get a clear listening experience. Wireless V5.3 ensures that you have low latency, which makes them perfect for every application, whether you're gaming or walking down the street.

Choose between a smooth black or a vibrant white headset and enjoy your music all day long.

Baseus Bowie D05 Bluetooth Headset

The Baseus Bowie D05 Bluetooth Headset is a foldable set of wireless HiFi headphones geared towards music lovers. With our immersive spatial acoustics, you get a wider sound range that allows you to immerse yourself in your music, gaming, films, and podcasts.

Advanced Wireless 5.3 gives you a smooth and stable connection with extremely low latency. 70 hours of battery time means you'll never have to worry about your headset dying at an inopportune moment. The foldable design allows you to take these compact headphones anywhere and everywhere.

If you consider yourself an audiophile, the D05s are your best bet. Get them in beige or black today.

Baseus Encok Wireless Headphones D02 Pro

Our Baseus Encok Wireless Headphones D02 Pro is a cost-effective solution for those that want a long-lasting, high-quality listening experience. These affordable over-ear headphones come with a 40mm driver, which gives them fantastic bass sounds and customizable 3D stereo for an immersive sound experience.

When fully charged, you get 40 hours of continuous play, which may be an entire week of music on a single charge. The smart connection lets you connect 2 devices simultaneously, so you can switch back and forth easily.

The headband gives you 7 levels of wear and adjustable ear pads, making them one of the best ergonomic over-ear headphones available.

Baseus H1i Bowie Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphone

The Baseus H1i Bowie Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones are our best noise-canceling over-ear headphones. You get 40 dB of noise cancellation and the hybrid NC technology allows you to choose when to block out the noise.

These also come with Transparency Mode, which allows you to control your listening internally and externally. With this technology, you can give your full attention to your music or pay attention to the sounds around you.

Wireless 5.2 transmission gives you faster transmission speed, lag reduction, and lower power consumption. 70 hours of battery life ensures you can enjoy your music for days at a time without the need to recharge.

Choose between dark gray or white and enjoy the comfort and looks of the Powder metallurgy metal headband. Look good and enjoy wearing these comfortable headphones.

Tips for Choosing Your Baseus Audio Products

Now that we've shown you each fantastic Bluetooth headphone that we have to offer, it's time to choose which one is for you. Everyone has different wants and needs, so here are a few helpful tips so you get the right pair of Baseus headphones.

How Will You Be Using Them?

Think about how you'll be using the headphones. Are you using them to get to and from work on the subway? Are you using them strictly for listening to music or will you need them for Zoom meetings and phone calls?

All of the Baseus headphones do different things well. If you want something to enhance your music listening experience, get a pair that has superior sound quality, like the SIMU S1 Earbuds or the Bowie D05 Headset. Those that use them for work will need noise canceling, so the Bowie M2s or H1s might be better.

Earbuds or Over-Ear?

Often, choosing between earbuds and over-ear headphones comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer their headphones to be discreet, which means they'll lean towards earbuds. Others enjoy the more encompassing sound quality of over-ear headphones.

Size is a big factor for many people as well. If you want something that you can stick in your pocket until you need them, each Baseus earbud fits the bill. When you value comfort and an immersive listening experience, over-ears will do the trick.

Consider Your Budget

At Baseus, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality audio products at the lowest possible price point. Each of our headphones is designed with your listening experience in mind but constructed in a way that accounts for your budget.

That said, some of our products are made to be incredibly affordable. If you're working with a tighter budget, our WM02 or any of the Encok products offer something special at a truly amazing price. We never want money to get in the way of giving you an optimal listening experience.

Take Fit Into Account

An ergonomically designed earbud or headphones is another thing at the forefront of our design ambitions. When choosing your headphones, it's always smart to take the fit into account. Everyone's ear shapes are a bit different and certain products may lend themselves to your ears more than others.

If you've always had trouble finding comfortable headphones, it might be wise to choose something adjustable. The Baseus Encok D02 Pro over-ear headphones give you 7 levels of headband adjustment and even more adjustment with the angle of the earpads. Fans of a Bluetooth earbud will be comforted to know that most of our products come with multiple silicon ear tips.


When you're a multi-tasker, it's important to have headphones that can keep up. All of our Bluetooth earbuds and headphones are equipped with the finest wireless technology. If you need a bit of extra convenience, choosing a device with a smart connection might be wise.

Being able to seamlessly connect multiple devices to the same set of headphones can make a huge difference in your day. Try out the D02 or the M2 to experience ultimate connectivity convenience.

Which Baseus Headphones Will You Choose?

We hope we've given you some food for thought here, from the Baseus WM02 to the Encok D02. Choosing between each of our audio products can be difficult because they all offer something special and unique. Follow our tips, however, and you should be able to settle on the right one for your needs.

If you've got any questions about the products we've discussed here or their features, don't hesitate to contact us to talk to a representative today.


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