How to Choose Power Bank

How to Choose Power Bank: Portable Chargers Buying Guide

Power banks and portable chargers are great options, as anyone that has a mobile device could use one. However, before clicking “Buy Now” on a power bank, one may want to consider some options and ...
Multiple USB Charger

Practical Guide: How to Choose the Right Smartphone Charger

The appropriate smartphone charger goes beyond using any cable and adapter for your smartphone. In this in-depth, practical guide you'll learn how to choose the right smartphone charger as a user.
How Long Does Power Bank Last

Power Bank Care: How Long Does Power Bank Last?

Using your power bank all the time is convenient, but mishandling it and lack of device care can slowly deteriorate its capacities. A power bank’s durability can be compromised if it is not properl...
USB Type-C Guide

Ultimate Guide to USB Type-C: Here is Everything You Need to Know

The USB we know today was created to standardize a connection protocol for virtual devices that we now see used worldwide. But what is USB Type-C and do you need to use it? Here’s everything you ne...
Smartphone Wireless Charging

Advantages of Smartphone Wireless Charging

Smartphone wireless charging offers various advantages to users and may be the future of charging for many other electronic devices.