what is a surge protector

What is a Surge Protector and What is a Good Joules Rating for Surge Protector

This article will explain everything you need to know about power strips, surge protectors, joules ratings for surge protectors, and the best power strip choice you can make for your devices.
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Have you ever had a power surge ruin your device as it was being charged? Did you know that there are power strips that have built-in surge protection to prevent this from happening? No? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain everything you need to know about power strips, surge protectors, joules ratings for surge protectors, and the best power strip choice you can make for your devices.

Protecting your devices while they are charging has never been easier. In the past, you would need to purchase two separate items: a surge protector that would plug into an outlet and a power strip or extension cord, but today, there is an all-in-one option. Read on to learn more!

What is a Power Strip?

what is a power strip

The first thing you are probably wondering is, what is a power strip? The answer is quite simple. A power strip is a bar with electrical outlets in it. It is plugged into an electrical outlet on your wall and allows you to charge multiple devices or plug various things into one outlet. Most power strips have flexible cords so that you can place them in a convenient location. Additionally, some power strips have longer cables that act as an extension cord and a power strip in one.

A power strip is a convenient way to plug in several devices in one outlet, but it is essential to note that you can overdo it. If you plug in too many devices that pull a lot of energy, you can end up frying the power strip or your wall outlet. With that said, the best power strips will be capable of handling a large energy pull, but it is a wise idea to verify the amount of power your devices will take and ensure that the power strip and your wall outlet can handle it.

Benefits of a Power Strip with Built-In Surge Protection

The benefits of a power strip with built-in surge protection are incredible, but now that you know what a power strip is, we need to answer your next question: what is a surge protector? Surge protectors are devices designed to protect other devices from power surges. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some surge protectors are small, block-looking devices, not much larger than a portable battery pack, that plug directly into your wall outlet and allow you to plug other devices into it. These kinds of surge protectors do not have cords but just extend out from the wall a bit. Alternatively, you can purchase surge protectors that have long, flexible cords.

What Does a Surge Protector Do?

Okay, but what does a surge protector do? You know those times when the storm is raging outside, and a flash of lightning causes the power to your house to flicker or go out entirely? Or maybe you have plugged a high-powered electrical appliance into a wall outlet and smelled a burning smell? Both of these circumstances are causing power surges.

Power surges are sudden, instant spikes in your house’s electrical current. These surges can fry and destroy devices that are plugged into that current. A surge protector is designed to absorb that electrical spike and protect your devices from harm.

Combined Benefits of a Power Strip and a Surge Protector

The combined benefits of a power strip with built-in surge protection are several. First, you no longer have to purchase two separate devices.

Second, a power strip provides the utility of an extension cord from the wall outlet and a strip with several outlets on it so you can plug multiple things into the same outlet. Along with that, the surge protection of the power strip will protect numerous devices simultaneously.

Third, combining a power strip and a surge protector can make traveling more straightforward, as you don’t have to carry around several different tools, but you can still protect your devices while on the go.

What is a Good Joules Rating for a Surge Protector?

Deciding on a surge protector requires some knowledge of joules ratings. What is a good joules rating for surge protectors? It depends on the devices you intend to plug into it. In general, the higher the joules rating, the better the protection. Furthermore, a surge protector with a higher joules rating will last longer than one with a lower rating.

For small devices, like lamps and clocks, a surge protector with a joules rating of around 500 will be sufficient. However, if you intend to plug in higher-powered devices like laptops and cell phones, you will want a joules rating of at least 1,000.

Larger devices than these, such as an Xbox console or desktop computer, will require an even higher joules rating. For these, you will want to look for a rating of at least 2,000.

Joules Rating Explained

Allow us to elaborate briefly on the meaning and purpose of the joules rating. Simply put, the joule is a unit of energy, which, in this case, is used to gauge how much energy a surge protector can absorb.

It is a quantitative way of measuring the amount of energy in a surge in your home’s electrical current. The same unit of measurement can then be used to tell us how much energy a surge protector can dissipate, and we can compare the two to determine the joules rating we need. The number of joules is the amount of energy; this is why the higher the joules rating, the more effective and lasting the protection.

Purpose of Surge Protectors

The purpose of surge protectors is to protect devices from a spike in energy that is measured in joules. They are designed with a metal oxide varistor (MOV) that diverts extra joules of power away from your plugged-in devices, so they don’t receive the energy caused by the spike.

The MOV will automatically divert this extra energy by detecting voltage levels and changing resistance accordingly. When the voltage gets too high, the MOV reduces resistance and vice versa. Therefore, the purpose of surge protectors is to divert excess energy from your devices, which cannot handle the power and would be ruined without this protection.

Example Scenario

Surge protectors are exceedingly valuable and purposeful devices. Take the following scenario as an example.

Imagine you are a graphic designer working on a portfolio for a client on your expensive desktop computer with a 4K retina display. You do not have a surge protector for your computer, even though it is costly, and you perform all your work on it. You are in the middle of working on a graphic design project that has been taking you weeks to get right, and there is a thunderstorm outside. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes near your home, there is a power surge, and then the power goes out completely. In an instant, your computer is fried.

This is what can happen without a surge protector. With one, you could rest assured that, as soon as power was restored, your computer would be up and running as well as ever.

Why Do We Need a Power Strip with Built-In Surge Protection?

The two devices we have discussed, power strips and surge protectors, are helpful. However, a power strip with built-in surge protection is even better.

If you have devices that plug into a wall outlet, as everyone else does, you need a surge protector. Likewise, you need a power strip if you plug multiple devices into one outlet.

Therefore, you will need a power strip with built-in surge protection if you plug multiple devices into an outlet without a surge protector. Additionally, a power strip with surge protection built-in will have the proper joules rating for protecting various appliances at once, unlike if you were to purchase these devices separately.

Best Surge Protector - Best Power Strip

In sum, the best surge protector and the best power strip will be the same device. A power strip that can protect your devices from excess energy surges while powering your equipment from a single outlet will be the most cost-effective and powerful choice.

When searching for the best surge protector or power strip, verify the joules rating and ensure it provides the number and style of outlets you require. Versatility is the quality that makes power strips with built-in surge protectors the all-in-one option for your needs.

Recommended Baseus Products

Here at Baseus, we know the importance of your electrical devices, which is why we have designed power strips with built-in surge protection. Not only that, but we believe utility shouldn’t be an eyesore, so we have emphasized sleek, modern designs for every device. The best surge protector and power strip can power a range of devices and provide functional protection with unparalleled charging speed.

power strips with surge protection

For MacBook Pro and Air users that need a powerful charger with seven different safety protections, we recommend our PowerCombo 100W Power Strip.

For an all-around surge protector power strip, we recommend our PowerCombo 65W Power Strip.

Are you looking for advanced, intelligent surge protection in a power strip that can monitor charging status? Then look no further than our PowerCombo Pro 40W Power Strip.

Baseus PowerCombo Pro

Our PowerCombo Pro Power Strip was designed with the latest technology in mind. With this portable device, you can charge and power up to six devices simultaneously, with three AC outlets, two USB-C ports, and one USB-A port. Furthermore, it will monitor the charging status of your devices 86,400 times a day, ensuring they are charged to max capacity every time.

Baseus PowerCombo Pro - Surge Protection

The Baseus PowerCombo Pro Power Strip also features the most advanced surge protection around. With a 1,200 joules rating, it is perfect for protecting your cell phone, iPad, and laptop while charging. Purchase this one-of-a-kind power strip today!


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