How to Choose Power Bank

How to Choose Power Bank: Portable Chargers Buying Guide

Power banks and portable chargers are great options, as anyone that has a mobile device could use one. However, before clicking “Buy Now” on a power bank, one may want to consider some options and characteristics that can sway their choice.
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As the holidays are winding down, one may be looking for that special after-Christmas gift or looking for an item that will get them through the post-holiday travel.

Luckily, power banks and portable chargers are great options, as anyone that has a mobile device could use one. However, before clicking “Buy Now” on a power bank, one may want to consider some options and characteristics that can sway their choice.

We want to help you make sure you choose the right power bank by answering the question of how to choose power banks for anyone you may wish to purchase.

There are five main criteria that we suggest looking into when choosing a power bank or portable charger. Depending on the answers to these questions, you may select a different model than you initially considered.

Consider these five questions when looking into purchasing a portable charger for yourself or someone else:

Considerations When Buying a Portable Power Bank Charger

1. Wired & Wireless (magnetic) power bank

While there are several varieties of portable power banks, one big difference that one must decide on when looking to purchase one is to determine if they want a wired or wireless power bank.

Wired power banks will require a charging cord of some kind to provide your device with the charging it needs. It is essential to make sure that the power bank you are choosing has the correct charging ports for the devices that you are looking to charge.

Wireless charging, as the name suggests, lets the power bank charge a device without the need for a charging cord. Simply lay the device, such as a phone, on top of the power bank, and it will magnetically charge the device. These are also referred to as magnetic power banks.

If you are looking for a portable charger that provides both capabilities, look no further than this magnetic one.

This portable charger has the capability to magnetically attach an iPhone to the battery for easy wireless charging. This power bank also includes two additional built-in ports (a USB-C and USB-A) which allow up to four devices to be charged at one time.

2. How many mAh should a good power bank have?

mAh stands for milliampere hour, which symbolizes a thousandth of ampere-hour. Amperes measure the rate of electron flow or the current in an electrical conductor.

For example, if a power bank had 2800 mAh, it would be able to provide a charge for 2.5 to 5 hours without the need for recharging the battery itself. This means that the higher the mAh level, the longer the device will remain charged.

Most often, power banks with larger mAh levels also have multiple charging ports to allow for multiple devices to charge at the same time.

Suppose you are looking to charge devices that lose battery quickly, such as a laptop, invest in a laptop power bank that has a large mAh that has direct capabilities for charging laptops. This high capacity power bank is a great option for those traveling with a laptop or those who are forgetful with chargers when taking their laptop to school.

3. How long do USB power banks usually hold a charge?

Depending on the amount of mAh, power banks will hold a charge for quite a long time to make sure that they are good to charge whenever necessary. Does the question then become how long does a power bank last?

Most batteries will hold onto their charge for several days or weeks before starting to lose their power.

However, when it comes to providing power to other devices, most portable chargers will hold a charge long enough to provide a mostly full to a full charge when charging a singular device.

4. Charging Speed - How Long for a Full Charge?

When a device is running low on battery power, one thing that is on a person’s mind is how quickly a device can get recharged. This may be extremely important for those that often travel or lose battery power midway through the day.

Some batteries may take hours to fully recharge a device, especially if one uses a different charging cord than the one that was originally provided to them at the time of purchasing their device.

Fast-charging power bank that can be a lifesaver for those that need a quick charge to their phone. It can charge iPhone 12 from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes, which is 3 times faster than a 1A charger if not used during the charging process.

5. How many devices can be charged at the same time?

For someone who is constantly on the go and has a lot of devices they work with, an essential qualification for a portable charger may be the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time.

These may be bulkier due to having more ports and larger charging capabilities, but they provide the ability to have more devices charging so it is essential to weigh the benefits of bulk vs. charging ability.

For example, Baseus Amblight power bank has six charging ports and wireless charging capabilities to charge between 3-5 devices. That means one could charge a phone, laptop, tablet, and other devices all at the same time.

This 300000 mAh battery provides seven days of worry-free power to charge six times for iPhone 12, Samsung s20 ultra four times, iPad pro-2020 2.2 times, or provide a full charge to a 13-inch MacBook Pro!


Just about everyone could use a portable charger, especially with the increase in traveling and vacationing around the world this time of year. However, there are quite a few considerations to go over before committing to a power bank to purchase.

If you look at our top five items to consider when purchasing a power bank, you will be delighted with your purchase. Our Magsafe power banks offer a variety of options and benefits.

We also offer a variety of other products to suit any charging needs!

Want to learn more about us? Check out our website today!


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