In today’s busy culture of Zoom and telecommuting, having trustworthy devices, with chargers and battery life that you can count on is essential. We’ve all likely, at one time or another, experienced that frustrating situation of your laptop dying every twenty minutes, or getting stranded somewhere with a dead phone. Plus, even if you have a charger, that doesn’t always mean that there’s a nearby outlet available. Few things are more irritating than having a dead battery, a working charger, and nowhere to plug it into.

Power banks can help provide an easy solution to this common problem. Say goodbye to dead batteries and try to locate a coffee shop where you can plug your computer in. With power banks, you'll have reliable, on-demand power on the go!

What is a Power Bank?


Power banks are rechargeable, portable batteries that are typically small enough to fit inside your pocket or purse. They usually include a USB-style plugin, so you can connect a variety of things, such as lightning chargers or other cables for charging smaller devices. The prototype was invented in 2001, and models have only continued to improve since then! Today’s power banks are slimmer, hold more battery life, and charge faster than ever. They are designed for people who are constantly on the go, like commuters and business people, who need constant access to their devices for work. Power banks can prevent you from running out of battery life and are a great, all-purpose device to carry in your car or briefcase.

Why Do You Need a Power Bank?


Low battery anxiety is real and power bank can help to ease it. Take a portable charger everywhere you go, you won't have to worry about your battery ever again.

Furthermore, with virtual and hybrid work arrangements on the rise, more and more people are working on the go and taking advantage of the flexibility these kinds of jobs offer. Having a power bank available gives you more freedom to truly work from anywhere. You can enjoy working outside on your porch on a sunny day or snag that comfy seat in the coffee shop that looks great but is nowhere near an outlet.

Power banks are also great for people who are traveling and might not have regular access to electrical plugins. They’re also a wonderful option for hikers and outdoor recreation enthusiasts, who can charge up vital devices like phones and GPS units. For those who live rurally or somewhere with frequent extreme weather, power banks are a reliable way to ensure you can stay connected to vital services if you ever experience an electrical outage.

What Kinds of Power Bank Types Are There?

There are a wide variety of power bank types out there and what one you choose will depend on your devices and your personal needs. A few different types of power banks include:

Laptop Power Bank

best laptop power bank

As the name suggests, these battery packs are specifically designed for use with laptop computers. Not every power bank is compatible with a laptop, so it’s vital to get a power bank meant for use with a laptop to get the best laptop power bank. Doing otherwise could risk damaging your computer or leaving your battery without ample power.

High Capacity Power Bank


These power banks typically have a battery of 20,000 mAh at a minimum and are created for charging more than one device at a time. They’re great for workers who might need to charge a laptop and their work and personal phones, so they’re the best power bank for traveling. A high-capacity charger also means you can get more than one charge out of your power bank, or you could charge multiple devices at once, making it a great low-maintenance option.

Magnetic Power Bank



Magnetic power banks offer a sleek, cord-free charging option. Magnets inside your phone and the power bank align together to charge the device. If you’re tired of dealing with cumbersome chords, check out the best MagSafe power bank.

Fast Charging Power Bank

Designed to do exactly what it sounds like, fast-charging power banks ensure you always have a fast charge while you’re out on the go. The quick charging capabilities lend extra portability to the design and are sure to add convenience to your daily routine. No more waiting hours for your device to charge!

2 in 1 Power Bank


Also designed for charging multiple devices is the two-in-one power bank, made for charging lots of devices at once! These power banks usually also offer a few different kinds of plugins built into the design, like USB, micro-USB, and 2-USB-A. They’re a great option for travelers and other busy folks.

Type C Power Bank


Designed for use with USB-C devices, these power banks offer another option besides the typical USB port style. They’re a good choice for charging smaller devices while you are out and about.

Mini Power Banks


Mini power banks are designed for maximum portability, while still retaining all of the power of larger-style power banks. They’re light, slim, and offer the capability to charge a device multiple times before needing to be plugged in. They’re one of the best options for people who are concerned about device weight, such as ultralight backpackers and people who work on their feet.

The Best Power Banks Out There

There are a lot of power banks out there, but here are some of the best ones that Baseus personally recommends for use with your devices!

The Baseus Blade Laptop Power Bank 100W 20000mAh

With a wide range of capabilities and an LED status display, this laptop power bank option is the best 20000mah power bank available.

Baseus Adaman Power Bank 65W 20000mAh

Armed with three different output ports, this power bank is perfect for multiple-device charging!

Baseus Magnetic Portable Charger 20W 10000mAh

With a battery equivalent of thirty-six hours, this best magsafe power bank is also completely wireless, meaning you never have to worry about cords again.


The Baseus power bank collection has all of the battery packs you need, no matter the number or kind of devices you own or your lifestyle. Our large variety of trusted, state-of-the-art chargers is perfect for ensuring you always have power on the go. Visit our website today and shop for the best power bank options out there!

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