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Looking for a Nintendo Switch Charger? The Best Chargers for Nintendo Switch 2024

Fortunately, there are many different Nintendo Switch chargers you can choose from. You should invest in one that'll enable you to bring your Switch wherever you'd like to go without worrying about it running out of juice.
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Do you spend most of your time playing your Nintendo Switch on your TV? If so, your Switch will spend most of its time sitting in a Nintendo Switch charging dock.

But the beauty of the Switch is that you'll also have the option to pick it up and take it wherever you'd like to go. You'll just need to make sure you always have a Nintendo Switch charger nearby.

The good news is you should be able to get anywhere from 2.5 hours to 9 hours of battery life out of the Switch, depending on which model you have. But even still, you'll need to know how to charge a Nintendo Switch on the fly to keep it powered up.

Fortunately, there are many different Nintendo Switch chargers you can choose from. You should invest in one that'll enable you to bring your Switch wherever you'd like to go without worrying about it running out of juice.

Choose the best Nintendo Switch charger from the options below.

Nintendo AC Adapter

When you first bought the latest Nintendo Switch, it should have come with a Nintendo AC Adapter. You'll want to keep this Nintendo Switch charger at home so that you always have it on hand when you need it there.Nintendo Switch charging cable

But if you'd like to buy a second Nintendo AC adapter to take with you when you leave home, you're welcome to do it. Nintendo sells the same AC adapter that they include with the Switch when you buy it so that you can buy a replacement or purchase one to take with you when you leave home.

You should, however, be aware of the fact that you might not like the answer you get when you wonder, "How long does a Nintendo Switch take to charge with this standard AC adapter?" It's going to take longer than many of the other USB-C fast chargers that are on the market today.

This charger will work just fine with the Nintendo Switch charging station you have at home. But there are better choices for those searching for faster Nintendo Switch chargers that can be used both as part of Nintendo Switch docks at home and when you're out on the road.

Baseus PowerMega 3 Ports Fast Charger 140W

Would you like to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch Charger that'll help you charge your Switch up faster than a standard Nintendo AC Adapter? Then you really can't go wrong with this USB-C fast charger that can be utilized as a Nintendo Switch charger.

nintendo switch fast charger 140w

So, what makes the Baseus PowerMega 3 Ports Fast Charger 140W so special? Well, for starters, it offers super-fast 140W USB-C charging along with advanced GaN technology. It's also extremely lightweight and small, so it'll be easy to carry around.

But the best part of all is that it can charge up to three devices at one time without sacrificing speed. It'll make it the ideal solution for those trying to figure out how to charge Nintendo Switch controllers while also trying to find a way to charge up, say, a smartphone and a tablet.

Just be sure you buy the right charging cable to go along with this Nintendo Switch charger. This Baseus Minimalist USB-C to USB-C Cable 100W might be the best option of the bunch. It's a safe and efficient cable that'll allow you to charge up your Switch in no time at all.

Baseus GaN2 4 Ports Fast Charger 100W

Having the ability to charge three devices at a time with the Baseus GaN2 Pro 3 Ports USB-C Fast Charger 120W will be great. But do you know what would be even better? A Nintendo Switch charger that can charge four devices at one time.

That's exactly what the Baseus GaN2 4 Ports Fast Charger 100W will be able to do. It's a high-tech charger that will be able to provide power to four different devices simultaneously, including the Switch. There are two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports that you'll have access to.

If you have four devices plugged into this charger at once, it might result in each of them taking a little longer than usual to charge up fully. To make the most of it, you'll want to consider plugging just your Nintendo Switch in to get it to charge up all the way in a shorter period of time overall.

But even if you have all four ports occupied at one time, you still shouldn't need to be worried about your Switch taking too long to charge up. This is one of the fastest and most reliable Nintendo Switch chargers in the Baseus lineup of chargers.

Consider purchasing a Baseus Flash 2 in 1 USB C Cable 100W 4.9ft to go along with it. This cable can help you charge all your devices even quicker than you would be able to otherwise.

Baseus PowerCombo Pro 6 Ports Power Strip 40w

Charging three or even four devices at a time with a Nintendo Switch charger is already impressive enough. But believe it or not, there is another Baseus charger that can charge even more devices than that.

nintendo switch power strip 40w

The Baseus PowerCombo Pro 6 Ports Power Strip 40w is capable of charging six (yes, six!) devices at one time. This charger has three AC outlets, two USB-C ports, and one USB-A port. It's easily one of the most versatile chargers that Baseus sells at this time.

This charger will also go above and beyond just charging up your Nintendo Switch along with your other devices. It'll monitor the charging status of your devices more than 86,000 times every single day, too. That will help protect them from things like power surges and sudden voltage spikes.

You'll sleep so much better at night when you know you're using a Nintendo Switch charger like this for all your devices. You'll spend a lot less time worrying about anything happening to your devices when you have them plugged directly into this, either at home or in other places.

Baseus Amblight Power Bank 65W 30000mAh

nintendo switch power bank

Each of the Nintendo Switch chargers we've discussed thus far will be excellent options for your handheld gaming device. But what about if you take your Switch somewhere that doesn't have an electrical outlet available? It could put you in a position where you might not be able to provide your Switch with the power it needs.

This is where the Baseus Amblight Power Bank 65W 30000mAh can step in and help. Unlike the other Nintendo Switch chargers listed here, this one isn't a charging station that'll need to be plugged into a wall. Instead, it's a power bank you can charge up in advance and use when you're away from home.

This power bank has a 30,000mAh capacity battery pack that'll help you charge everything from smartphones and tablets to laptops and, yes, Nintendo Switches in the blink of an eye. It includes five ports that'll allow you to charge up your devices fast as well as an LED screen that'll advise you as to how much battery life it has left.

You'll love being able to pull this power bank out whenever you're running low on power for any of your devices. It'll come to the rescue early and often and will prove to be well worth the investment you make in it.

Which Nintendo Switch Charger Should You Buy?

When you're in the market for a Nintendo Switch charger, you shouldn't simply purchase the first one you can find. You should instead consider a variety of factors that'll help you land on the right charger.

Some of the factors you should think about include:

  • How often you plan to use your Nintendo Switch charger
  • Which other devices you'd like to plug into your Nintendo Switch charger
  • How much money you're prepared to pay for a Nintendo Switch charger
  • Which company you want to count on to provide you with a Nintendo Switch charger

That last one, in particular, is something you should give serious thought to. There are lots of companies that sell Nintendo Switch chargers these days. But you shouldn't rely on just any company to set you up with one.

You'll need to have a reputable company like Baseus in your corner to help you keep your Switch charged up. Each of the Nintendo Switch chargers we've mentioned here will do a dynamic job when it comes to charging your Switch along with many of your other devices.

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Shop around for the chargers you need on our website and find one that checks all the right boxes for you. Contact us if you have any questions about the chargers you see.


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